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Every little boys dream

My son was thrilled when he unwrapped his present. He loves to dig in the dirt with it. It's very sturdy and everyone wants to play on it. - Rachel M.

Very sturdy!

Grandson loves it! - Ann D.

Big Dig working crane = big hit!

Bought this for my nephew’s third birthday. Well made, pretty easy to assemble and best of all my nephew absolutely loves it. He has been on it digging in his sandbox every opportunity. - Tom B.

So much fun!

We have two of these now - one that is two years old and has withstood all kinds of weather in New England, and another that is brand new. They function identically. It is made well and made to last! My boys love them and they are easily our most played with outdoor toys. - Diana E.

Most used sandbox toy and popular with all their friends

This has held up well even through the winter outside and is always a big hit whenever friends come to play. Kids haven't lost interest yet and we have had it over a year. Most used sandbox toy for sure! - Joanna B.


I bought this for my younger cousin's 5th birthday and he absolutely loves it! He hasn't quit playing with it since he received it on Friday. I would recommend this for kids who like playing with trucks and equipment already! - Abbigail W.

Very High Quality and Sturdy Crane

We purchased this crane to be used as a game at my son's birthday party. We loaded popcorn into a large box and spread candy throughout it. It was a HUGE hit and my son still plays with it frequently. - Shawn G.

The kids love it!

My 3 and 6 year olds LOVE this! My husband is constantly telling them to stop digging in the yard. Not sure what he thought was going to happen when we bought this... It was relatively easy to assemble other than the wheels. I left that part for my husband to do because I was afraid I would mess something up. He got them on with no problem. Great toy for motor control and coordination! - Nancy A.

This digger is just amazing. My son wouldn't get off if it

I hardly ever write reviews, but this digger is just amazing. My son wouldn't get off if it the first day he had it; he played for 4 hours! It's pretty sturdy and easy to put together. We had to work at getting the plastic packaging off completely because the rivets were placed through it; that was the hardest part. We put it in our tractor tire sandbox with 2 of the feet under the edge for stability. Wish it sat on ground level and reached in, but the reach is not long enough. Otherwise, we LOVE this! - Henry T.

Pretty awesome toy for toddlers

My 3 year old and 18 month old love this 'heavy machinery' sandbox digger. It was easy to assemble, all metel parta minus the grips and seat. Highly recommend screwing the seat down like the instructions tell you to or your toddler will slip off (learned the hard way). I love this product, and it will be my go to present in the future for family and friends. This winter we will be trying it out in the snow. Hoping it will survive the elements. - Jen G.

Sturdy Metal Digger.

I bought this for my 3 nephews and 1 niece this Christmas and all I can say about it is THEY LOVE IT! If a large adult sat in the chair I could see it bending, but the metal construction seems very sturdy and it's easy to assemble. The paint job is nice and the plastic seat is very well supported by a square metal piece. Their three year old sister was able to use it and so was the eight year old boy. I'll probably be getting them all hard hats for their birthdays. I had a plastic one of these when I was young and by comparison this seems much better. - Kelli M.

7 year olds birthday present

We bought this for our 7 years birthday. I think he was and still is in love. We allowed him to scoop his cake! Easy to put together. - Regena C.

Amazing product for price

Our 3 year old son loves it!! We are fans also. Very very durable. Both my husband and I have sat on it and did our fair share of digging and it holds our weight also (we obviously don’t sit long just in case). It really digs well even into hard dirt. What an excellent buy for the price! - Kay C.

easy to move around to different locations

saw this at a friend's birthday party and had to get one. toddler loves it. easy to move around to different locations: wood chip pile, sandbox, rock pile... all make him super happy, develop coordination of the mechanism. - Mike B.

Husband put it together pretty fast and easily

Got this for my son's 2nd birthday. Husband put it together pretty fast and easily. My son was working it in about 5 minutes and LOVES it! - Elena R.

Awesome Sand toy!

My two year old can work this very easily, he loves it! The handles work good and smooth & the digger works great in sand! - Terry A.

My Grandson Loves It!

This was purchased as a gift for my 2 year old grandson, and he loves it! Durable, easy to manipulate, and provides lots of hours of fun. I'm definitely glad I bought it for him. -Robbin S.

We recommend this one

We have taken this to the beach, to the leaf pile, to the gardening dirt... we didn't screw the seat or the base together so we just pop it apart and go. Our daughter loves it. She is 4 years old and it is perfectly sized for her. We dry it and drop a little oil in the moving areas. We've had no issues with rust or sticking. It was definitely a great purchase for her. - Jill L.

Worth the $ - You won't regret this purchase at all

>Got this as a birthday present for my truck and construction equipment obsessed three year old son. HE LOVED IT. Solid metal (seat is plastic though). A bit awkward to assemble but only because you have one section where all the elements come together and it takes some dang amazing coordination to hold all the washers and nuts in place while you thread the bolt through it. Otherwise it takes no time to put together. Weirdly there were no holes in the bottom of the seat to put the screws through to secure to the overall contraption, so have something handy that will help you carve holes through hard plastic.>If you have hardwood floors, don't let your kid use this on them. My son opened this gift at his party inside and we put it together (inside), and he started going to town...on the hardwoods. Luckily we also have a carpet and moved it quickly to that and all was well until we could take it outside the next day. In the meantime, he scooped up toys ;)>He's scooped toys, gravel, mud, loose sand, leaves, you name it. Since it's solid metal, it boils down to the ability and strength of the kid as to what they can scoop up - the scoop itself can dig through just about anything.>Didn't take him too long to figure it out either. I would say about 20 minutes of floundering and he had the moves down. He's also able to drag it to wherever he wants to dig since it's not too heavy, though it is awkward to pick up as the arm moves easily.>Absolutely worth every penny and I've already sent this link to several friends who thought it was the coolest thing ever and wanted it for their kids. Buy it already. - Kenny L.

I love this and so does my 5 year old grandson

I love this and so does my 5 year old grandson. In playing around with it I was afraid it was going to be too complicated for him to figure out how to make it work, but he was amazing with it after just a few days...including 'patting' it down with the bucket to level off his load in the dump truck! Lots of fun, and the fact that he can move it from dirt pile to dirt pile makes it even better. Friends have one that is cemented into the sand box and can just swivel around the box, this one works better for our situation because his piles are in various places on the farm, depending on what is going on.He used it to help his dad level out a load of gravel screenings to prepare the approach to a new barn door. Very cool..this picture shows him 'practicing' in the little swimming poolit even holds water! - Connie M.

Easy assembly. Only downside is that it's mobile so ...

Kid loves it! Easy assembly. Only downside is that it's mobile so the holes in the yard aren't limited to the radius of the arm - Molly A.

Our boys dream toy

We got this for our sons 3rd Birthday and he LOVES it! He had been asking for a ride on “scooper dumper” since before Christmas, we were happy when we found this option for him. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to get a hang of it right away, it will last him a long time. Our 5 yr old daughter also enjoys playing with it. It’s very sturdy and they enjoy that it’s on wheels. Since we got this in the winter, we have it in the house and put foam blocks in a box that they can scoop out of. Very glad we choose to go with this style instead of the smaller ones that are like the ride on cars, this won’t outgrow the kids nearly as fast. Assembly was quick and easy. - Carolyn N.

Fun fun fun

My 3yr old son loves it. After some practice, he got the coordination down pretty good (he's 3!). He moves mulch and sand like a crazy person, lol. I made a little hitch for it so he can tow it with his JD powerwheels. - Dan M.

Great toy. Relatively easy assembly.

Both my 3 year old and 7 year old love this. It took my 3 year old some practice to understand the hand eye coordination needed to lift or drop the bucket with his left hand and scoop/drop stuff with his right.In regards to assembly, it was easy except for the seat. You have to screw into the plastic directly. There were no starter holes and one screw had no point. It took a lot of arm muscle to push it through and hope we didn't strip the screw. The rest was fine. It's sturdy metal without being super heavy. The seat is plastic. - Jill R.

Great buy

My 2 year old LOVES this thing. I was a little worried he would be too small (he’s on the small side) or too young to operate it since it says ages 3 and up but he caught right on and plays with it daily. - Stephanie M.