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The Big DigOur products all must pass high quality standards before they leave our factory but sometimes things happen. If there was a problem with your BIG DIG when you took it out of the box or during assembly we'd like to know about it and do our best to fix it.

Please complete the form below and a member of our customer support team will contact you within 24 hours.

Common Quick Fixes:

  1. Digging in hard dirt can bend the "teeth" of the bucket. This is an easy fix, just take a pair of pliers and bend the teeth back to level with the bottom of the bucket.
  2. Make sure to tighten the locking nut on the Boom assembly. This joint is subject to a lot of movement and if the locking nut is not tightened enough the bolt will 'walk' it's way out.

*Costco Item #109 - The Big Dig and Roll Instructions Update*

The instructions included in the box are inaccurate.
Please download the updated instructions here - Download Instructions